Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unleash the Fire Within......Gina's Hot Sauce

We are in a deep freeze all across the US and my thoughts have turned to anything and everything hot. Warm vacation spots, hot toddies and hot sauce.......
Growing up in South America, using sauces and chutneys especially pepper sauce or hot sauce with or in food were and still are an important part of the culture.
It is difficult to find a sauce in the US that can be shared with friends without having to dole out buckets of water.
Or I find a sauce which is too mild for me and great for my friends.

Gina's Hot Sauce, works for us and our friends. You can use it to add some heat to your food or preserves. You can eat it with tortillas or use it with pita bread as a dipping sauce. The main ingredient pepper is Habanero.

Gina's Hot Sauce has two choices.

Red Sauce

Yellow Sauce

The yellow sauce is my favorite. This would be a great to add to a gift basket along with olive oils, olives and sauces. And I love the bright packaging, it looks great on any kitchen counter top.
Email The Hot Sauce team  for details to order. They ship anywhere in the US.

Try it and unleash the fire within.......

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