Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Year's Eve- What will you wear? Where will you shop?

I know, the search has started. It will be in full effect until 9pm at every mall and store on New Year's Eve. The shoes, the dress, the outfit! What will you wear this year ?
We go through the same thing every year, I do,sometimes I like the results,at other times in the past I did not.
I always do best with the simplest pieces.
As I grew older I learned that simple was better, you will stand out for a pulled together look. Add accessories to enhance the look, not too much.

Here are some stores that should be on your list every year. You have a great chance of finding something!

White House Black Market- The main page already has a breakdown of what you can wear for any type of party for the New Year. You will find something for cocktails, formal wear, and beach casual.

image enlargement

Ann Taylor- Have gone through a transformation over the last year.

Tiered Cocktail Strapless Dress

Nice for a formal affair.

Lord and Taylor(online and in stores)

This is the store to find a dress, large swaths of floor space always devoted to dresses of every shape,size and color. You have a very good chance of finding something at L&T. The online site has a "find it fast option" to help you narrow your choices from a super inventory. Dresses are divided into long and short cocktail and little black dresses. Visit the holiday party shop. Look for anything by Shelli Segal, she does unique pieces.

Holiday Party Shop



Short, short and sexy,sexy.
Beautiful dresses 'Add the Faux Fur Capelet for a dash of panache.



Talbots also sizes for woman and petites. They accommodate every size. Thank you Talbots!

Link to Talbots Woman


Always a great source for dresses and spectacular shoes.

At Macy's or Free Standing stores in select malls. A must visit.

J Crew- This is usually a favorite of mine because they tend to specialize in the "I did not try to hard even though I am wearing sequins look"
They take very simple pieces and add embellishments or sequins and I can wear it with jeans and still go out on New Years. I can take that same piece and add a skirt or shorts and go a beach party for New Year's eve. Lip Gloss and you can head out the door. You look like if you spent a million bucks(they are not cheap) and did not try too hard.  Love it.
No one else does it better than J Crew.

Disco tartan top

Drapey sequin tee

A must visit.

The Limited and Express

Express offers clothing for the young set but there are some pieces which may work with black slacks.
The Limited offers some fresh alternatives, the white skirt with a lace cocktail skirt is particularly outstanding.

Macy's Inc

I like Michael Kors, INC, Rachael Roy ,Shelli Seagal from this store. If you can get to a flagship like Herald Square in New York, Fanueil Hall in Boston or the flagship in Chicago you will be in for a treat in their dress departments. The inventory size mind boggling.

Stellar finds in lots of colors other than black. Please all see our story from guest blogger panda on Dec 5th, it is most certainly not only for twentysomethings.

Club Monaco
Another favorite, minimalist but edgy, and you will be the only one wearing it.
The Holly Dress is Spectacular, I am ready to go out, just to wear that. The Sasha Lace Dress is superb, The Ayala Lace Short, The Ivy Shirt and the Azure shirt. I really cannot go on, I will be paying a visit to the nearest store very soon. There is something for every occasion, I am in love.
The website is hard to navigate but check it out and get your names before you go. And beware they have some of the best handbags anywhere in the US. There are not too many stores which once again means you will not look like anyone else in the crowd.

French Connection

Unique pieces with usual details. Try everything on, sometimes it looks really different on the hanger. Not for every shape. Spectacular pieces.

Victoria's Secret- Love this sequin jacket with skinny pants. Lots of choice for everyone!

Best of all they have a Tux!!! Something that is a fresh alternative to the usual offerings in stores.

Based on what I have seen this year, Club Monaco, J Crew and French Connection have my vote. There is something out there for you too!

As for Shoes, if you need something that is one of a kind my only pick is Nordstrom.

These are just a few of  the picks, I know that we have missed many stores.
Let us know where you plan to shop!

We would love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

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