Monday, December 27, 2010

Question Of the Week- The Cost of a Family Vacation

Family travel is one of the most expensive hits on any budget and it has gotten even more expensive over the last two years.

I have tried booking last minute travel, six months in advance travel, the most popular option which is more than 2 weeks in advance travel and the average working family vacation still costs at least $600 per person for air and hotel. That is Average......
And this would be five days or less, over/ under weekends, leaving at midnight. I think you know the drill and routine. I have tried the Tuesday at midnight booking routine too!

I know that salaries have not risen that much,many people are unemployed and I often hear  from the news media that travel has been up everywhere this season.
The airlines have seen a boom, for using smaller planes,offering no food and charging a fortune for every bag. Add the high fares to that bottom line.

Some people have to travel for business but for vacation we do not have to...... why spend so much? Are we using the credit cards and closing our eyes when the bill arrives?

Is the media reporting truly accurate? Am I out of touch?

Have your habits changed? or are you still taking 2 to 3 vacations each year? are you driving or flying?

My question of the week for FM readers is (I would like to stress that this is for family vacations)

How much are you willing to spend for a family vacation ? Driving or flying.

Have your travel habits changed over the last two years?  If so, how has it changed?

Where and how have you found the best deals?
I need to know the secret. We have tried everything, the prices are ridiculous. Maybe I am out of touch, but I don't think so.

Are you staying with friends? using Time Shares? How are you saving?   I forgot, Cruises, are they any better?

I would love to hear from all of you!!

Happy Travels.

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