Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tame The Grays! - Oprah's Hair Stylist unveils His Cover Up Hair Line.

Andre Walker Hair Care Hair Make Up Color Wand

He is just as famous as his famous client, Andre Walker, Oprah's hairstylist has released his own make up line........for hair

Andre Walker Line

The line is called Hair Makeup by Andre Walker. The wands and pens cover up grays, it dries to a fantastic sheen.

The colors are black, dark brown,light brown, blonde and red. It rinses out after one shampoo. It can also be used to cover hair's natural regrowth.

The line is available at HSN.

Go Cover!


  1. Basically, Andre has bottled (from a hair product perspective) a trick my hair care professional taught me to deal with those pesky greys that pop up between colours (my greys conveniently show up at my hairline - the most opportunistically visible spot!). What is that trick I've been using? Mascara! By the looks of the product design, Andre has basically instituted the same concept - except, I am sure he hasn't bottled mascara - but an appropriate hair coloring product. Way to go Andre!

  2. Mascara has been the standby for a long time, of course I just found out about it no so long ago! :)Happy New Year!


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