Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gifts for Men for The Holidays- Online Picks.

Yes, we give ties,socks,hats every year it is not an easy thing.

Here are some options for us to try for Xmas this year.

French Key Fob-


I love the cologne, the op art billfold and the deerskin lined gloves.


Nickel For Men
Try the bestselling Morning after Gel, Nickel was started in 1996 in Paris.Or get a gift card for the men's only spa in NYC, San Francisco or London.

Coach Gift Links for Men- Wonderful picks!!

Outfit in in his favorite team jersey or golf gear for the summer. Dicks has the everything and more you need for the men in your lives.

Everything for grilling including cookbooks, flavorizers and tools. Go crazy!
(tools for serious readers)

Everything he needs for an office, desk or laptop. The range is mind boggling. I love the Lamy Fountain Pens.

The one of a kind gift.

Company started in 1962 in Canada. Now with a US base since 1982. A storied history for sure, their main focus is upholstery leather They sell baseballs, wallets, key rings in the finest and most supple leather available. So much care goes into each piece and the colors are beautiful. Talk about couture for your men ladies, there is nothing like this.

Direct link to shopping link.

Nokona Baseball Gloves, outstanding construction. Nokona on Amazon.

My husband is addicted to this pen.

Smart Pen- one of the best gifts

200 hours of audio or 32,000 pages of notes. Write and it is all recorded and stored. You do not miss a thing in important meetings. A fantastic tool!

The Dream Gift

Leica Digital Camera. the camera that we would all love to have but this would be the ultimate gift for Dad. $849.00 at Leica

Oakley Active Sunglasses

Venerable Brand Oakley provides outstanding quality and styling for the active man.

  • Oakley Jawbone
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