Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel and Shop Special- Thrift Stores - Northwest Region.

This is the first of a series of stories about Thrift Stores dedicated to my mother.

As a child my mother would take me to what was called at the time "jumble sales"(rummage sales), fundraisers for churches and other organizations.
We would rummage through the items, clothing, crockery and "wares" as we called them looking for special pieces for her, the home or my sisters.  They were held at markets,churches,anywhere.
 It was a culture that had a cult following.  We loved jumble sales.
I know now, that those experiences were the beginning of my love affair clothing and fashion.

Famous English models like Kate Moss always refer to a thrift among their favorite places to shop.
 It is a part of their English culture.

Thrift stores  have some of the best deals around, and sometimes the ultimate designer piece waiting for you.
These stores have been particularly helpful to everyone in this economy. 

Finding a designer piece via a thrift store has become extremely difficult due to EBAY and retail stores like Decades in California.

For those of us still left who love to blow off some steam for an hour or so.  Finding fun pieces at a great price at these places is one of the best ways to spend an hour or two. They are also excellent sources for gently used books for your children. 
Don't look for anything specific, take only about 40 bucks in your pocket and have fun.

My Tips:
  • find the thrift stores in high end neighborhoods, you will get top quality pieces and maybe a few designer, maybe a few.
  •  Always find out when the deliveries arrive and when they will hit the floor. Go Early!
  • Do not buy anything that needs some type of repair, you will never get around to it unless you are super handy and have time.
  • Buy pieces that have zippers that work, all buttons in place, clean collars.
  • Figure dry cleaning into your budget, everything has to be cleaned.

Here we go!

Northwest Region

Missoula MT- Goodwill( 406-549-6969)
YWCA- Secrect Seconds (406-
Third Street Curiosity Shop

Nampa, ID
Salvation Army- 208-466-8888
Pet Haven-208-467-2323
Idaho Youth ranch Thrift Store- 208-466-2776


American Cancer Society Discovery Shop- 206-524-3399
Chicken Soup Bridgade Thrift Shop- 206-322-7550
Goodwill- 206-329-1000


Burlington,WA- Burlington Outlet Center - 800-866-5900

Flea Markets

Minot MD- Magic City Flea Market- 701-852-1289
Portland,OR- Catlin Gabel- Rummage Sale- 503-297-1894
Cheyenne,WY- Bart's Flea Market- 307-632-0004

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