Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do you Love this Wine Aerator or What ?- From Cambria Cove

This is one of my favorite sites of all time.
I cruise this site if I have free time and since it is the weekend......
Check this out.

Do you love this or what?

From Cambria Cove

It is the Deluxe Wine Aerator with stand by Decantos

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Wine must be allowed to aerate with oxygen in order to allow the tannins to mature.
See Description from Cambria Cove below.

To enjoy the fullest flavor and aroma of any red wine, oenophiles advise aerating it with oxygen to let the tannins mature. Tasters who know this secret are often seen swirling their glass of red before sampling. Or, even better, pouring the entire contents of a bottle into a decanter. The final answer to unlocking the taste of red wine, however, is the DECANTUS™, the brainchild of a father-and-sons team of California wine makers. After being poured through the aerator, undesirable smells dissipate more effectively, the aroma becomes more complex, and the taste becomes softer, less bitter. Not only essential to the wine’s taste, it has a beautiful, artistic design–a mirror of the Rubenesque shape of a classic Greek amphora. The Table Stand provides a simple, hands-free way to fill wine glasses directly from the Wine Glass Aerator. A solid wood base holds the metal stand, which has protective plastic tubing to prevent scratching the DECANTUS™. The set is a celebration of wine and a lavish gift for any wine aficionado.The five-piece set includes Deluxe Wine Aerator—with its solid rubber base, storage sack, and cleaning brush—and the Table Stand.

I think it looks great on any bar top too!

Happy Holidays all! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. There are several ways you can aerate wine. You can use an actual wine aerator, you can decant the wine, or you can simply let the wine rest in a crystal wine glass. One of our favorites is the Vinturi Aerator. The beauty of this handy gadget is that it speeds up the aeration process; your vino gets aerated in the time it takes to pour a single glass. They have a patented design that provides the optimal mix of air/flow time. Another great thing about the Vinturi Aerator is that they have a version specifically for white wines too (that makes this author happy as I am partial to it!).

    decantus wine aerator

  2. Let's talk about red wine aerators first. Red wine aerators do make a noticeable difference in the wine in that it will smooth out the harsh tannins and improve the taste. I have personally done taste test with the Vinturi and Franmara aerators and they work well but do I use the aerator with every bottle of red wine, no I don't. Wine drinkers all have different pallets and taste buds so what I perceive to be too tannic may be just perfect for someone else.


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