Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Quick Lunch- Fast Lunch for Vegetarians

I am not vegetarian, I eat fish but stay away from meat, chicken and pork.

Some days I am at a loss in terms of my choices for lunch, but this is my fast go to lunch.
It gives me energy and it is filling. I have to keep up with a four year old, enough said.

I have become very fond of something that I saw and bought on TV, the Pasta Boat.
It cooks pasta in the microwave and it is easy to use. I can whip up something else while that is cooking.

You need pasta, any type you like.
Bok Choy- you get your leafy vegetables taken care off.
Butternut Squash(cut into small chunks).

Cook pasta and steam the Bok Choy and Squash( I use a turbocooker or use a steamer).

Sprinkle the Bok Choy and Squash with Adobo Seasoning Adobo Seasoning while steaming. It gives the Bok Choy a wonderful flavor.

Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning without Pepper

Once pasta is cooked, pile into a plate, top with the bok choy and butternut squash.

Top that with your favorite Pasta Sauce, Parmesan Cheese and Pepper.

Gia Russa

We like the Pomodoro Sauce from Target and Tomato and Basil from Gia Russa, they are both excellent!!


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