Friday, December 3, 2010

Question of The Week - Favorite Airport

We like them for shopping, for luxury offerings such as spas and massages and those fabulous lounges.  Or just being able to hang out without stressing about your flight.

I like airports because I can people watch, I am always fascinated with where people are going and what they are wearing to get there. I play the guessing game!
I also like to browse and shop and if they have a full service book store I am good to go.

My favorite pick is Miami International. I have been caught there in transit many times so I know it pretty well.
I like it because, there are people from every destination on earth at the Miami airport, I love the mix of cultures and languages. I love Bijoux for shopping, I cannot tell you how many scarves and wraps I bought at Miami airport, it is insane.

And they have great restaurants and the hotel is in the airport! Where else can you get that. Best of all if you are kicked off a flight and have to overnight, where else in the world would you rather be?

What is your Favorite Airport in the World?


  1. Deb, no surprise, I agree that Miami is a favourite, it always represented sunshine to me when I lived in Toronto. I do have to say Heathrow is my favourite airport, I mean where else can you shop at Harrods while waiting to board your flight? The number of high end stores at the airport blew me away. Munich is a close second because of the cleanliness, one could eat off the floors, I didn't:-)

  2. Shelley,I have not seen Heathrow in a very long time, but I heard about the new expansion. Cannot wait to see it again sooner than later I hope! Thank you for your comments!


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