Monday, November 22, 2010

Animal Antics- A to Z -Wonderful Alphabet series for kids 3-8

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Kane Press

The website above links to the books and fun activity pages.

Winner of Learning magazine's 2011 teachers' choice award for children's books.

 I stumbled upon this series at the library and I would love to have the entire set from A to Z.

The books are written by Barbara deRubertis and wonderfully  illustrated by R W Alley. The series is under Kane Press.

The stories involve the pupils in the Alpha Betty Class each one with a different name of the alphabet.

We have Alexander Anteater, Hanna Hippo,Rosie Racoon, and Zachary Zebra.

Each little one has a different humorous adventure and along the way the use of the title letter is used multiple times.It focuses on a single letter sound.
 Repetition is so important at this age for pre reading skills, these books hit the right spot.

My four year old loves this book, she is stares at book while reading, total focus.
 Not all of the letters have been released, some are coming in 2011. And they are not cheap but what a gift of reading for a very fortunate child.

A to J is available now.

Wow!  What fun!

Animal Antics from A to Z

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