Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have We talked about Bath and Body Works ?- Favorite Xmas Grab Bag Gift Pick

Bath and Body Works

I love this store because they sell one of my favorite lines, the skin care line from Dr Pat Wexler. And before I go any further, Dr Pat has a 3 in 1 day creme...still with SPF 30. It has the same great regenerating technology which  provides lifting, firming and anti aging help.   I am going to rush through my current jar which lasts forever to get this product! Dr Pat's products are the best!

Intensive 3-in-1 Day Cream SPF 30: Lifting, Firming, Anti-Wrinkle Formula - Patricia Wexler M.D. - Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a part of The Limited Brand group. The line was started and the first store opened in 1990.The company  has stores in the US and Canada.

They are most famous for their Signature line of bath and body products and the famous candles, wall flowers and scent ports, diffusers you name it.
The revolutionized the beauty industry back in 1990.

My Top Gift Grab Bag Pick. I think that this is great for the price. It has a shower gel, body lotion, lip gloss and fragrance mist. There is a choice of different scents,  for just $16.50!  It just looks great,rich and festive!

On to my other favorites!

Dr Pat Wexler Line(Dermatologist)- I did a previous blog post, her products are phenomenal. They contain the revolutionary regenerating formula mmp120.

Dr Pat

Slatkin and Co- Fantastic scents , love the Twisted Peppermint and Winter scents.


C.O.Bigelow- fans of the legendary pharmacy in New York( founded in 1838) can find the entire, and I mean entire skin and body care line at BBW. I love the Lemon Perfume, the Lemon body wash and the Lemon Body Cream. Think I like citrus?
Also try the Menta Foot Creme and I have been using the vitamin boost toner(spray) this winter for my dry skin, it is excellent.

CO Bigelow.

Du Wop- Primerstone is a great base pre makeup and it is not drying for your skin.

Primer Stone

Twisted Peppermint Wall Flower- clean, fresh and wonderful for this time of year.

Warm Vanilla Sugar- warn and sweet, not super sweet.

Try the Gift Link.

The Gift Link! The Best!

There are so many product lines to choose from. Not every store will have all of the products, the full sets are available on line.

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