Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let There Be Light - Home Lighting

When selling a home proper lighting helps to show your home to its greatest advantage. If your home lacks windows and natural light, you need all of the artificial help you can get.

Tip #1- Always ask Realtors to show your home with the lights turned on because it highlights all of the positives of a house.  It also forces you  to keep everything sparkling and spotless.

Bulbs- Change the bulbs. Each room should have a 150 watt bulb and use a 100-150-250 watt combination for 3 way bulbs. I like the Philips Halogen lights( local hardware stores).

Bulbs- keep the bulbs clean, dust can block up to 50 percent of light.

Uplights/Light Sources- I love this concept, I have them in my home and I am not selling. I place them in plant pots or behind pots. Use them on hanging plants, bookshelves or the ceiling. Adds extra light to any room.

Kitchen Cabinets- add lights above or if you are buying now, check the lighting in the kitchen.  Under counter lighting is a wonderful plus and  it is difficult to add post completion.

Use gloss paint- It will lighten up any room and light will bounce around. Gloss Paint does show imperfections so make sure the base is flat and smooth.

Light Sources- Use different types of lighting, table, stand alone, swing lamps. Having multiple sources in a room to highlight a special area in a room.

Chandeliers- Helps to spread light, lights up a room and gives a big style punch.

Sheers- Use sheers below the heavy drapes and pull the drapes during the day.

Mirrors- Always make a room look larger( remember wall to wall in the 80's yikes!) and adds light too.

Best Wishes!

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