Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Hits- Dot.Com Picks

I have a list of websites I click on at least once a week.
These are the sites I visit for inspiration and gift ideas. Some of them sell items way outside of my price range but no harm in looking.

Here are my picks this week. Great watches in all price ranges, home accessories like the fake NYC cup,scarves and artwork. There is something for everyone in the family. Prices are great. A visit to this Japanese owned retailer will inspire you to revamp your office. Wonderful clean accessories for office and home. I love their colored pencil sets. The prices are reasonable.  Just add a little cool to your home office. They have now expanded into so much more, apparel, gifts, beauty care  and essentials. It has that clean, minimalist aesthetic that we all wish we could emulate. The items sold here are enough to break an average individual's bank account, but such inspiration! The most eclectic,amazing home store in NY. I always log on to ogle the latest lighting from Floss. Famous NY Chinatown store that stocks everything from kitchen wear, to Chinese dolls to Chinese lanterns. Check out the home furnishings, love the garden stools and benches. Try the Butterfly cold cream. I always get the bamboo place mats for 6 bucks each and they last for years. I still have not been able to update mine, they last forever. If you do not have one in your area and you miss the facials, so sorry, then head to the online site for Trish McEnvoy, Laura Mercier, and the entire line of Creed and Diptique fragrance lines. If you can get to a store, they have some of the best sales associates in the US. This is in my Hall of Fame.  I wish you could all visit the store instead of shopping online. Small quiet street in NYC Greenwich village( go on a weekday you will need about an hour). Walk down the stairs to a little door  on the basement level and enter a heady world of fragrance like no where else in the world. Small, intimate and breathtaking. The owner sources fragrances from all over the world.They stock all of the major lines, Creed,Diptyque,Gantier,Serge Luytens,Santa Maria Novella,Penhaligons and I could keep going. The Online site also carries everything and you can request samples at checkout( my favorite part).I liked to call to place my order just to hear them answer the phone "Aedes" (A-E-Des). They give the most wonderful service in the store and on phone.  Somewhere you should visit before you die. They sell fragrance for home, body and skincare.

The address is Frt b,9 Christopher Street NYC. Go! The mascara is inky, jet black and glossy. You must try Supernova if nothing else from this excellent line. The fragrance line is now legendary, Hesprides,Cannibis Santal and Cannabis Rose are my top picks.

SUPERNOVA MASCARA Great for the men, cases for laptops, chargers and phones. get everything here for each person in the family,and they still carry Bonne Bell bronzer for 5 dollars! You could spend hours just browsing but their eponymous line is where to start. Move on to Aqua Di Parma and Clark Botanicals the latest breakthrough in skin care. Still family owned you get really excellent service.

More to come!!

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  1. The 'Fresh' lip glosses are also a good choice...found this at Sephora abt 2 years ago and loved that the colours were mild, and the gloss light not too thick and sticky.


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