Saturday, November 20, 2010

Have we talked about LeSport Sac ?

It tends to fly under the radar but this label has some outstanding merchandise!

Luggage and travel bags are often discussed in magazines and this line of bags and luggage is never mentioned.
I have been using LeSport Sac bags and the luggage for the last 10 to 15 years.
At that time my job required lots of travel with a computer,books and folders. My shoulders were strained and stressed due to travel with heavy bags and heavy contents, when I stumbled on to this phenomenal line.

LeSportsac Inc was started in 1974 as an accessories company which sold a fold in a pouch ripstop parachute nylon bags and luggage.

It is now sold online at

and exclusive to Lord and Taylor,Macy's, Bloomingdale's and other fine department stores.

I acquired quite a collection over the years and not one of them ever developed a rip or tear or sag. They have been beaten, battered and thrown around and I could not destroy them if I tried.
Did I tell you they are practically weightless?
 As light as air! How can you beat that?
I have filled them with multiple books, magazines plus makeup bags and other things, a little heavier but still light!
They have a wide range of colors and styles.
The laptop bags are light with extra pockets. The Platinum collection is sure to enhance any wardrobe.
 For a long weekend, the you should not leave home without the weekender style.
I have been using the zip around wallet for years. It will hold all of your cards, it has a change purse section and two sections for bills and it comes in all of the different patterns and colors.

LeSportsac Large Weekender
They sell

Speciality(babies etc)
Men's collections and  they will be adding shoes, I cannot wait for that!

They have done some major collaborations over the years, the most successful was with Gwen Stefani a few years ago. The tiger print bags now cost hundreds of dollars on eBay.
They have done other really great collaborations with Stella McCartney and Lilly Pulitzer. They have always done fantastic collaborations with artists, graffiti artists, illustrators and others, names Artist in Residence.
They also make different prints based on location. They are extremely popular in Hawaii with tourists from Japan and Asia.I was able to purchase print unique to the culture there.

An outstanding, amazing product. Worth every penny.

Enjoy! and Happy Travels

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