Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mommy Time- Survey

 I know I am not alone. Let's be honest ladies.

When do you find time for yourself on an average day? And I mean YOU, no spouse, no child.

How much time do you actually have?

What do you do during that time?

What do you give up to ensure that you get that time?

AND I know it is never enough, but family is #1.

My time,my mental time is exercise whenever I can get it, most times in the morning.

My time is about 2 hours during the day and after 8pm at night. That will improve once pre K begins.

I spend it on my blog or reading. TV after 8pm. Everything else is DVR. I look at shows on the weekend or after 8pm at nights.

I give up giving my house a top to bottom cleaning, I clean in sections, a bit every day.

and YES, I feel guilty about having that time. :)  But who wants to miss this most important time in your child's life? no one!

I would LOVE  to know what you do.

Feedback please moms.

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