Sunday, November 7, 2010

Books for the loves of our lives - Holiday Books For Kids.

Our children are the loves of our lives are they not? 

These are my book suggestions for kids for the holidays.  

Kindergarten Cat by J Patrick Lewis- lessons on  friendship, wonderful for this age and so important(pre school).

Kindergarten Cat

Donde Esta Spot? - Fantastic read for preschool through kindergarten. I love the story, the lift pages and the repetition again for pre reading skills both Spanish and English. Wonderful. My daughter loves this book.

Daddy calls me Doddlebug by JD Lester - My daughter loves this book and it is a great read during Father's Day week(pre school/elementary).


Trucks by Paula Hannigan(pre school) - great for our little boys who love anything and everything about trucks.


Gigi series by Sheila Walsh ( elementary)- for little girls and princesses everywhere, helps to give a wonderful sense of self and importance to girls everywhere.


Animal Rescue Team(late elementary)- Gator on the Loose by Sue Stauffacher- Fun adventures of Keisha and her family and their wild animal rescues.

animal rescue.

 Whoever You Are by Mem Fox( all ages)- One of my favorites on the list, about color and children all over the world who although different in color, language and station are all the same. 

Whoever you are

Cuentos De Dora y sus Amigos ( Upper Elementary or pre school depends on child's age)- Our favorite little girl, seven stories in Spanish. This is a real bargain. Fantastico!

Cuentos De Dora

A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry- Simple, wonderful read. I like the repetition of words which helps my four year old with her pre reading skills(elementary).
 also comes in a Spanish version.

A Tree is Nice

Lola at the Library (Pre School)by Anna Mc Quinn/Rosalind Beardshaw(pre school) - wonderful book for reinforcement of  the importance libraries and reading. Also highlights the important role of mothers in our lives.  Get those cards!!

Lola at the Library

We Eat Food That's Fresh(pre school and elementary all) by Angela Russ Ayon - A bright colorful fun food experience for all ages! Great for introduction to fruits and vegetables.

We Eat Food that's Fresh.

Dulces Suenos(Pres School - Elementary lower)- Track  Elmo and friends bedtime rituals in Spanish. Wonderful read for repetition and to enhance Spanish skills.

Donde Esta Spot?(pre school) - Fantastic read for preschool through kindergarten. I love the story, the lift pages and the repitition once again for reading skills in both Spanish and English. Wonderful. My daughter loves this book.

Donde Spot

Ladybird book fairytale series

For my Anglophiles family and friends who grew up reading these wonderful books and would like to read these to their kids. Stories such as Puss in Boots, Hansel and Gretel, The Magic Porridge Pot and Three Little Pigs and so many others to collect.
From pre school to upper elementary. This is a series for life.
Get them in the original bindings(see the website above for reference)

Best Selection available in the US.

Enid Blyton Books
so expensive and sometimes hard to find but worth every penny and the search. From the Famous Five Series to the Eight for 8 year old stories, these are some of the best books you can give a child. My favorites the Pinkwhistle and Magic Faraway Tree sets.
All ages.

Enid Blyton

Funs ones for the young adults.

For Francophiles.
TinTin Series by Herge

The famous Belgian detective series are a must have to upper elementary, middle and high school.


Asterix and Obelix by Goscinny and Underzo- Ancient Rome duo and their hilarious friends. Some of the best illustration in the world.


Happy Holidays!!

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