Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey Bright Eyes !

TOUCHE ÉCLAT<br>Radiant Touch

Touche Eclat

Looking back at my last few photos I noticed signs of tiredness and stress were showing around my eye area. My dark circles seemed more pronounced. Just what I needed right?

I usually alternate between Laura Mercier secret camouflage and a concealer from Mac. They blend really nicely into your skin for a natural look.

But I needed major help,
I needed a brightener and concealer. My dark circles have always been there and will never go away, but they just seemed out of control.  This was an emergency.

I reached for the secret weapon in my make up drawer.

Touche Éclat.

Make- Up artists all over the world swear by this product and it really works.
I applied a bit under my eyes and in an instant there was a difference. It is a luminizing pen, you hit the bottom and it comes out on the brush, you only need a smidgen to see a difference.

And you only need a teeny, tiny, teeny bit because it is so bright that you can end up looking really awful if you are not careful.
Make sure that you pat some of your base under your eyes over it to help it blend in.

Touche Eclat is manufactured by Yves Saint Laurent and is their best selling product.

They now have a full range for all skin tones, YSL was one of the first to ensure that they offered product for women of many shades, some make up companies are still lagging behind even in 2010.

At $40.00 it does not come cheap but it lasts forever and you only need a teeny,tiny,teeny bit!

Go Bright Eyes!

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