Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Fashion Piece for Busy Moms Everywhere(and best bargain)

Best Item of the Season,Best Gift of the Year, Best Bargain of the Year.....I could go on.

It is my favorite item this fall and winter.  Perfect for any type of weather .
It is now on sale for $24.50 and it will keep you warm all winter.

Land's End Solid Vest

It is the Land's End Down Vest. 

Sale ends on Nov 16th.

I have to admit I have 3 of them, for this price, I can get 3 colors and mix and match them with my jeans, cargo pants, boots and look different every time. I have, black, red and navy. I would love the Kiwi. I also like the plaids!

I like to wear mine with my favorite stripe tees, and jeans tucked into boots or with skinny pants with a sweater and ballet flats. It is perfect for the school run, the gymastics run and the park.
 The fit is great, not puffy and it is tapered at the waist. The is a powder slip in the back. 

You will not look like the Michelin woman!!

Lands End Plaid

You will look pulled together and cute. It is perfect for us moms who have to dress quickly every morning. Put on the basics and then add that pop of color, it is genius.

Don't forget the mascara!  Now Head out the door!

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