Monday, November 29, 2010

Packing Light. Save some pennies.

I used to be an expert at packing light. On a vacation to Europe years ago that required extensive train travel, my husband and I somehow managed to travel for 12 days with one stowable piece each and bag. My sisters who had travelled the year before our trip, told us we needed to be flexible, we may have to store our bags at train stations and keep them close with us on overnight trips.
That was a long time ago.

Since then I acquired a million different lotions and potions, clothing, shoes to match and it just went out of control. It took me two weeks in advance to plan vacation trip bags.

I want to go back to the way it was, please!

One of my jobs that required plane travel, the costs of checked baggage and 9/11 helped me to narrow my choices but I still struggled. I have made progress though, I got a  have a clear plastic bag packed with all my cosmetics in mini sizes which I keep ready to go. I always tried to have two of everything just in case. Or decanted items into travel size bottles and packed in a clear case.

Flight 001 and Sephora has the best clear cases for travel and they come in multiple sizes.
If you would like to travel with a really nice case in your checked luggage, Stephanie Johnson makes the prettiest make up bags around.

My ultimate fantasy would be to take a tropical vacation and go with a one piece of luggage. Right!
Note: pack a Le Sport Sac duffel and check it on the way home for vacation  or business buys, it is super light,super strong and can hold a ton.

Business is always easier because you can utilize lots of black clothing. This would work for  certain vacation trips,  change your colors, add swimwear or whatever applies to your activities.

For business Travel or a sightseeing trip to American or  European cities(it can be accomplished!). Anything else, you need to check some luggage!

3 pairs of shoes and that includes the shoes you are wearing for travel. You should have a pair of sneakers for exercise. If you are heading to cold weather wear boots to travel back and forth. One pair of dressy shoes for meetings and dinners. ( all black).
Don't forget to put socks, exercise monitors etc and anything else that you need to store in the shoes. Shoes go around the bottom.

3 tee shirts or light sweaters, gray, black and camel/tan for layering under suits or combining with pants. These should be rolled and put fill them into the open spaces.
1 pair black slacks,1 black dress, 1 black skirt( pencil).
1 white shirts,1 stripe or check shirt, 1 black shirt.  Button up your shirts, keeps them neat.
1 pair dark blue jeans
1 black or brown purse( Le Sport Sac again, it folds into a mini purse).
Pajamas/underwear( in a separate mesh bag). roll and wedge as fillers.
exercise gear( up to you to decide, in order to keep it all in one bag, I opted to exercise 3 days of a one week trip, less to pack)
Make Up bag/accessory bag( 1 necklace, signature ring and brooch) . Wear your watch and one necklace.
Scarf, your touch of color in a print, or solid, orange, pink, red are always nice for a pop of color.
Put chargers,adaptors etc in the zippered area.
Last but not least a good book for reading. Don't forget your vitamins!

All you should have in hand, a laptop case and a stowable bag.

Happy Travels!


  1. Another great one, Deb! Still a struggle but getting better, thanks for the travel tips, much needed esp at this time of year.

  2. Shelley, I still struggle but there has been a lot of improvement. I think having to take a smaller bag forces you to make decisions:)Thank you for your comments and happy and safe travels!!


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