Thursday, November 18, 2010

Death By Chocolate. It's Friday !

My earliest memories of chocolate are of one of my favorites of all time. Quality Street.
 It was a Christmas tradition in my home that Quality Street Chocolates were only reserved for that time of year. All year long we ate other things and at Christmas it was Quality Street. It is a part of our history and heritage from the United Kingdom.
My sisters and I would travel near and far to find them in the US( originally from the UK). Whoever found it first got it to the other siblings. One year my sister in NY went to the International arrivals section at JFK to get a stash! It is a bit easier now but is still expensive. It was all about the brightly colored paper that each one is wrapped in, it is just festive! I also remember as a child going through many and biting to taste to make sure I liked it :)  I have a stash waiting for us to open and try on Xmas Day. I bought it earlier this year!

This is my top list of favorites along with some picks from Rachael Ray magazine and In Style magazine.

My list

link for chocolates

Fran's Chocolates- Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels

20pc Gray & Smoked Salt Caramels
The best salted caramels on the market. Salted caramels have become extremely popular over the years but  hands down these are the best. Fran Bigelow is a master chocolatier who has been in the business for decades.
The taste is sublime,not super sweet, gooey caramel covered with chocolate and then topped with sea salt( not too salt). Just the perfect combination.

5 Star Chocolate Bars from Lake Champlain.

Chunky, filling and delicious. Maybe, you will not feel guilty about having chocolate if you have one of these.

The best are granola,fruit and nut and hazelnut, utterly delicious. Vogue Magazine calls it the "ulitmate chocolate bar" . $3.80 for one but it is really worth it. Available at Wegman  supermarkets or Whole Foods  if you have them in your town.

Gray and Black- Dark
                             Hazelnut and Currant.

If  I need a dark chocolate fix, these are the only ones I go for. Green and Black organic is delicious and not bitter, just the right flavor. The milk chocolate is delicious. At Whole Foods and Wegmans across the country.

Green & Black Dark Chocolate Bar 85% 3.5 oz bar

Cadbury Milk Tray and Cadbury Bars( fruit and nut)- favorite of my mom, the milk tray is the best seller in this line. Bridget Jones famously chowed down on a few of these while trying to lose weight during her problems with Mr Darcy in Bridget Jones Diary.

Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolates

Picks from Rachael Ray

Garrison Confections- Rated best overall.

Best French- Fauchon Milk Chocolate Pralines and Chocolate Ganache

Chocolates Assortment in a Gift Box

Bridgewater Chocolates- Ct based company ,the best is the buttery,chocolate covered hazelnut toffee.

1/2 lb. Toffee

Ghirardelli- Best Supermarket Brand

Notable Mentions from all the lists- Joseph Schmidt Confections- I find them a tad sweet but they seem to do very well.

Leonidas- try the Europe( rum truffle).

For the best Candies, try Sees Candies. The California institution.

Their chocolates are a bit sweet, but the lollypops, oh my the Vanilla Lollypops is worth buying an entire box! available at Lord and Taylor, online and airports in the West.

Now get that glass of red  wine and enjoy!  Have a great weekend!

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