Saturday, November 13, 2010

Have we talked about Anthropologie?

First, the accessories, oh yes the accessories. I have received many compliments over the years about my necklaces and 90% of the time I am wearing one purchased from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie was founded in 1992( first store). It now owned by Urban Outfitters.

Anthropologie sells clothing, home, books, accessories. It is a great source for you, gifts for friends and family.

If you like to look different,have a unique look then this is the store for you. This is the store where advice from girlfriends may be needed because it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone.
The labels are 90% Anthro along with jeans by top denim lines.

You will find lots of dresses, in may different cuts and styles for all shapes. There is a 50's/60's that is always the undercurrent. It feels old but new again, really unique and different.

One thing, for all the lovers of black clothing, do not look here,you will not find it here. These guys do color in a big way.

They also carry home items with a breezy wonderful french/euro flair. Soaps,toothpaste from Marvis, books,candles.

If you visit a store plan to spend about 2 hours, it may take that long to browse and you will leave with something.

It is a full shopping experience.
They have stores all over the US,plus the online site and an international site.

One of the best shopping experiences in the world!

Cowl Neck Top

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  1. Im def. into black clothing but I love Anthropologie...for the selection and variety of fantastic items


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