Thursday, November 18, 2010

Impress at Lunch

We are returning to work, or interviewing for jobs or looking for an opportunity for advancement. You are sitting down with your new boss or current one, how do you conduct yourself with ease ? These may seem trivial but they are the things which you may have forgotten, they leave a lasting impression.

Please find below some tips for Power Lunching by Harriet Cole from Essence Magazine.

First Impressions
Be On Time.
Wait until your boss arrives to be seated.
Follow your boss to the table.
Never place a napkin around your neck!

 Table Talk
Stay focused and listen. I remember the days when my mind was very tempted to wander off.
Thank your boss for inviting you and and ask about their family.
Choose a work topic that would stimulate a healthy discussion, a project or company success.
Drive home some main points that you see yourself growing with the company.
Avoid speaking negatively about anyone.

The Art of Ordering

Take your cues from your boos, when they are ready to order you do the same.
Avoid messy foods like lamb chops, pasta and finger foods.
Mineral water or sparking ciders always preferable to a soft drink and alcohol.
You may have a glass of wine if your boss is( I say stick to water).

Minding Manners

The bread plate is on your left and the drinks are on your right.
Begin using utensils farthest away from the plate and work your way in with each course.
Hold Stemmed glasses at the stems.
Scoop soup away from you and avoid drips.
Place knife and fork together, facing the middle of the plate at three o'clock.

The Bill

The one who extended the invitations pays.
If there is a very long pause you step in and pay the bill.
Without interrupting the conversation place your credit card in the folder.

Best Wishes!

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