Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Place Far, Far Away or maybe not....

Waikiki Beach

Travel books have always been my favorite books to read, for obvious reasons. They transport you to places you may never see in your lifetime or they motivate you to see those places before it is too late.  It takes you to another world for a few hours and that is always wonderful.
Travel to new places opens and educates the mind.  It will forever change the mental development of  your children.

My favorite travel books are by British authors. They have a witty unique way of describing everything. They will try anything once, that makes them easy to like.
My favorite of the American writers are Frances Mayes( Tuscany) and Paul Theroux(Great Railway Bazaar among others).

My favorite passages? any and all excerpts related to food and wine. :)

These books are great gifts for friends who love to travel. I know I have not mentioned a Kindle I just like holding a book, someday.....

Below is my list with some of my favorites, I tend to lean, more than a little, towards Europe :).

Frances Mayes- Tuscany Series- Amazing experiences.

Peter Mayle - famous French Provence series, witty fun writing!

Melinda Blanchard- A trip to the Beach, Living on Island Time in the Caribbean. Couple from Vermont.

Paul Theorux - The Great Railway Bazaar. One of the best travel writers of all time.

Tim Parks-Italian Neighbors

Ann Barry- At Home In France

Betsy Draine- A Castle in The Backyard

 Lori Tharps-  Love, Life and Spain

 Lisa St Aubin De Terran- A Valley in Italy

Alan Epstein- As The Romans Do

Tony Cohan  - On Mexican Time

 Michael Sadler-  An Englishman in Paris

Carol Drinkwater- The Olive Season and The Olive Farm- Wonderful books, on love, life and loss.

Michael Sanders- From Here you can't see Paris.

 All books are available at http://www.amazon.com/

What are your favorite travel reads?

Feedback please!

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