Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have we talked about Zara?


Danile Piette of Louis Vuitton says that "Zara is the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world" He is not kidding.

Zara is the great equalizer in the fashion world. There are only two stores that I walk into and my head just starts spinning, Zara and Anthropologie.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE   has shopped at Zara at least once.  Teenagers,Men,Moms, Working Women,Celebrities, Royalty.

 They are the epitome of High/Low fashion.  The prices are reasonable, not outrageous at all.  They sell clothing for women,men,kids.
This is a great store if you, like me, prefer to shop at a boutique versus a department store.
If you have not shopped at a Zara, find one and take a walk through. I can tell you, you will leave with a bag, with something!

I have left out my career ladies since the blog started and I realized today that you also need to get your fashion fix.

But wait...Zara is also the only place I shopped when I needed something for work.
It sells play and weekend clothing and they are so good at it, but they also do professional suits like no one else.
The cuts are modern, not boxy and  it still fits with what is required for the work environment.

They are the Forever 21 for the 21 and to infinity set. They follow the trends but carefully choose and cull collections  and always seem to hit the right spot with women everywhere.


They update them every two  weeks so it is always fresh.
You need a great shirt to layer with a new suit? they have it.

A new suit? they have it.

Something for Friday night? They definitely have that, it is classy,just a little bit naughty, but not over the top.

Black slacks? They sell it as a part of the basic line.

V Neck Sweaters for winter? I always get mine at Zara. Simple and in at least 10 colors.

If you are strictly J Crew this is not the store for you on certain levels but there is something for everyone at Zara.

And the Shoes!! I could go on but the shoes are amazing!

So please to try the link and find a store, you will not regret it. There are not many in the US and you may have to drive a bit, but so worth it.

Zara is a Spanish owned company and has stores all over the world. If you visit Spain, you must visit one, it is like finding Santa Claus over and over again. The main branch is in Madrid.
The company was founded in 1975 and the clothing is still manufactured in Spain.That lends itself to the classic parts of their collections. Spanish women love great quality clothing and they love simple classic clothing and shoes.  They love lots of tan,black,gray and white and Zara always sells these colors in a variety of basics.

Find a Zara Store today! Sizes run a bit small, so try everything on.


  1. love their career wear...chic n polished but flirting with a bit of edge!

  2. And they have the fantastic shoes!


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