Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teavana Anyone?

In our  recent story about Toronto two of my friends wrote about their love of tea. That reminded and inspired me to write this story about of my love of tea and the place where I shop for my "tea leaves" in not so many words.  For health reasons about 15 years I gave up my caffeine fix and  switched to decaffeinated full time .  I know decaf 100% is the best place to be, but I was missing out on some wonderful concoctions.

Teavana, is an Atlanta based company which opened its first store in Atlanta in 1997.
They now have about 150 stores in the US and Mexico. They offer teas and herbal infusions along with tea pots, tea sets, steepers and rock sugar for teas. They also have tea/milk frothers and other accessories for sale.

They offer white, green, black, oolong,rooibos, herbal and my favorites yerba mate teas.
The sales associates are very friendly and helpful. They are tea experts and suggest which teas blend well together. I am always mixing my teas now.

Applica RHTT8W Russell Hobbs Tea Tray

The Russell Hobbs tea try works really well and you get hot water and tea at the same time. Easy!

Mates( from Argentina,Brazil and other parts of South America) are my favorites.
They are three that you must try,
Java Mate
My Morning Mate and Matevana You will not get the crash or jittery feeling that comes with caffeine, I have not felt the effects. They all smell amazing in the morning and try mixing My Morning Mate and  Jave Mate for a different kick. Java Mate may be the closet you will get to coffee.

Spice of Life(White tea)
The smell, oh the smell. Spice of Life contains oranges, coriander, pistachios, almonds and red peppers. Sometimes I just want to smell this tea, not drink it but just smell it. It is delicious.

Favorite Herbal- Honeybush Vanilla- The best Vanilla Herbal I have ever tasted. I drink an entire mug of this tea every night. It is also a good blend with some of the morning teas, it adds a wonderful touch to sweet to an Earl Gray or Black Dragon Pearls. Full vanilla taste with the right touch of  honey, addictive for a herbal tea!

Black teas-
Black Dragon Pearl( nutty)and Golden Monkey ( a little of the Black Dragon goes a long way) are top of the line teas and are worth the price.  Very rich, I give the edge to Dragon Pearl.
Copper Knot Honcha- Love to have this if I would like something different,be ready for a very full bodied taste.
Earl Gray Creme- Great for every day and mixed with Honey Bush Vanilla.
Thai Tea Blend- I drink this at any time of the day before 6pm, Lovely tea not too strong  but there is something..it is creamy and smooth, love it!
Assam Gold Rain, Almond Biscotti and Cacao Mint are all great ones to try.


Rooiboos Chai- Lovely tea to try anytime of the day.

Those are some of my favorites, stop by a store or order online, it is truly a refreshing experience.



  1. My husband and I are ex-coffee drinkers because of Java Mate. It has a very smooth taste and I also do not get the jittery feeling of caffeine. I love this stuff! Thanks to the Teavana sales rep who peaked my interest with this.

  2. I agree with you, no jitters, I actually had it this morning. The associates at the stores also suggested mixing it with My Morning Mate another of my favorites. It is a great mix! I love it!
    Thank you for posting on the blog and happy holidays!


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