Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dictionary /Pictionary for Kids...and Parents too.

The Oxford picture dictionary: English-Vietnamese [Book]

My daughter takes foreign languages classes and as parents we want to ensure that we can help or assist her at home.
You can often find me dashing to find the French dictionary or Spanish or whatever else.
But they were plain and boring and never fun to read, at least for me.

Her school director introduced me to the Oxford University Press, Oxford Picture Dictionary. By Adelstein and Shapiro.

Each page represents scenes and places in daily life and in full blown color. Every item on the page is named in the language of your choice.

There are scenes for kitchen,bathroom,playground,department store and everything in between.

We love them, we learn, it is easy to find what you are looking for and it is fun for both parent and child.

Oxford Dictionary on Amazon.

They have at least 10 languages from Chinese, to Spanish,French,Vietnamese,Arabic,Cambodian and even Navajo. All languages that are fast becoming necessary for the next generation.

All available on Amazon or some online downloads. Please note: get the Hard Cover for best reading.

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