Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday for Moms- On Line Calenders

It is tough to keep everything organized and I only have one child.
I know that moms with 2 or more kids may have figured this out already, so this is for the newbies.

Online Calender choices-

Famundo for Families

Calenders for family, friends, pictures and organizations. Everything in one place. Free sign up


Free sign up

The calender fits your screen, very easy to use.

Google Calender

Free Sign Up.

You can see your friends calender along with yours, nice!

Microsoft Outlook has a calender that also works really well.

Ensure that you get a calender that can send e mails or texts to your phone with reminders.

Holidays already on the calender is a plus, less stress on you.

Alerts are the best invention, log in and they pop up, make sure you can set alerts.

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