Friday, November 26, 2010

Question of The Week - How do you boost your immune system?

It is a challenging balancing act, our many roles, daughter, sister, mom, wife, finances, family and for some of us working professionals.

How do we manage it all? and still manage to appear balanced and together in public is amazing? Women are amazing. We know what you are going through.
But are we really taking care of ourselves?

Some of us have help, to clean,cook and help us make it through the day. Single Moms I always applaud because you are doing the work of two and it is a job for 4:)!

Are we getting regular checkups? mammograms? Do you have a BP kit and check your BP every day?

What are you doing to stay healthy?

I went back to some things my mom gave me as a child,  which have made a huge difference in my energy levels(Cod Liver Oil, liquid form only in OJ) and I rarely get any colds. You can assume that my daughter is on the same regimen, the colds are not as often as other children. My hubby sometimes tags along :). I try to keep the blood flowing, walking or running, you have to get out and it keeps the colds away. My mother was one of the busiest, most active people on the planet and when her  illness forced her to a wheel chair and she continued to push for her therapy and her mental motivation to walk again never waned,but her body could not keep up until she passed away.  I think about my mom every time I feel the urge not to exercise, her mental toughness, pushes me out the door. Pilates changed my posture, strength and stomach muscles forever. Golf gives you a mental break and teaches life lessons like nothing else in this world. My one issue is getting enough sleep, I have not figured that one out yet!
That is what works for me, What works for you?

Here are some suggestions from Real Simple

Watch your fat- This you know! High fat diets make your immune system more sluggish. Aim for 25 to 30 percent of your calories from fat and from the good fats like Olive Oil, avocados,nuts and peanut butter. Limit the saturated fats like milk(whole),butter,high fat meats and trans fats(partially hydrogenated oils).

Stay in Motion- walking briskly,cycling,swimming for 45 minutes five times a week cuts down on sick days and enhances your body's defenses by 50 percent. Enough said.

Eat plenty of Protein- The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of the cells in your immune system and they help to create protective white blood cells and antibodies. Women should consume 50 grams of protein a day or get at least 10 to 15 percent of their daily calories from protein.
Lean protein, fish,skinless poultry,eggs,beans,soy products.

Music- Research shows that singing helps to lift a person's mood and the levels of antibodies that protect from invading germs. People who played a a musical instrument and sang along showed greater levels of those antibodies than those who just listened to music.

Pets- petting a dog or cat leads to a spike in secretory immunoglobulin A which helps to protect the body against germs trying to invade it.

Resolve to Relax- Find that time! It may be deep breathing or yoga, or painting or puzzles. Try to do it on a regular basis. The lack of stress releasers inhibits your body's response to invaders.

Probiotics(Danactive,Activia)- Studies have found that pro biotics products have an effect on respiratory illnesses and gastrointestinal issues.

Make Late Nights an Exception- Nine hours a night! Your body needs it. Women who are more active have better killer cells(white blood cells that attack germs) than women who felt tired.

Get 3 colors in every meal-Fruits and Vegetables in vibrant colors are rich in carotids, which helps immune cells surround and kill a virus. They also contain antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Aim for 5 to 9 servings a day.

Fit into your skinny jeans- Studies show that slightly overweight adults have an elevated level of cholesterol. When put on a low fat diet the subjects lost weight and lowered their levels. T Cell function also improved. Losing a few pounds can make a big difference.

Please give us your tips for staying healthy!

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