Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Have we talked about J Crew?

J Crew Link

The original preppy cool store.
I know you shop there, you have shopped there at least once if not many times. You have definitely shopped online. But the Catalog is where it is at its best. I like to browse online but I will only purchase after I have seen the item in the catalog, it really brings the clothing to life, at least for me.

Silk organza starburst dress

J Crew Catalog was born in 1983. The company now has 360 stores around the country. They also own the Madewell line and recently opened a wedding and bridal store in Manhattan.

Girls' cashmere glimmer sweater-dress


They also have the Crew Cuts line for kids.They plan to  add a new line named 769 which will feature clothing for formal occasions not exclusive to weddings and party wear. They also have about 80 factory stores around the country. They recently started selling select pieces on the venerable Net A Porter which gives clients around the world access to the J Crew line of clothing.

Ginger tweed bow-tie platform heels


The company is run by Mickey Drexler who was the CEO of Gap during its heyday.
The fashion director is Jenna Lyons who has become a muse of sorts for the J Crew line.

Mackintosh® Duncan coat in birch


I have followed their evolution over the years from catalog to online and the stores. It has been a smashing success. The only negative for me? their prices took a serious jump up a few years ago when they stepped up the quality of their merchandise. Cashmere sweaters, which are still a bargain for cashmere and boots made in Italy filled a void for a customer who was looking for quality but could not afford top designer pieces. It seems to have paid off profits have never been better.

What do you like about J Crew?
What do you buy?

Boys' K-Way® snow jacket


I barely buy one thing or two a year but it is always something that I can wear forever and it is always smashing!

Jenna Lyons and Liya Kebede(below)

Jenna Lyons Creative Director Jenna Lyons (L) and Liya Kebede attend a celebration for the debut of Lemlem With J. Crew at the J. Crew Collection store on April 8, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Jenna Lyons;Liya Kebede

Their style has grown from preppy to on target trends with a classic twist. Their clothing can be worn by all ages and it is!

One of my favorites this fall is this wonderful vest!! Christmas gift anyone!

Luminosa puffer vest
Jewelry line is amazing.
FENTON/FALLON™ for J.Crew Carrington crystal bow necklace

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