Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home- 3 upgrades that pay, really.

People seem to make the same mistakes when adding upgrades to their homes, I almost always want to scream when I see the same mistakes time and time again.

If you have money to do upgrades, there are three picks with which you will get a solid 60% plus return on your investment. There are many to do lists but for me personally and professionally these are the top 3.

They are


And do one project at a time and complete the job. You never know when or if you will not have the funds to do everything, life changes very quickly.
It helps to add balance to the house, you can paint, add a few plants outside along with other small items.

 In a home these are the areas people will spend about  90% of their time, they will appreciate your upgrades.

Stick with classic kitchens and baths, do not personalise too much, stay away from dark colors, keep it light and bright.
Ensure that you have quality appliances and fixtures. Laminate counters will not earn you an credit, try granite or other options. This can give you as much as 83% back on your upgrade. If you have the square footage an island addition is a great upgrade.

Baths- Upgrade the counter tops and fixtures and your return will be about 70%. For a quick upgrade maybe try Miracle Method, they specialise in surface restoration. Stick with classic fixtures, a jacuzzi is not necessary.

Windows- Utility bills have skyrocketed over the years, an upgrade with energy efficient windows is a plus.  This can earn you about an 81% return on investment.

Short and Sweet those are the 3 to do.

Most Important, do not do it alone, get as much professional advice as you can, it makes a big difference.

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